Greg Cote Show Podcast: Decals Gift, Messi mania, COVID Olympics

The new Greg Cote Show podcast, out now, unfortunately begins (blames Chris) with perhaps the most NSFW opening in our pod’s 16-month history: an overly outspoken roundtable centered on a certain bodily function that doesn’t is generally not discussed publicly.

You might smile or even nod your head as Greg, Chris, and Yeti confess. Or you might cringe. Anyway, we are fortunately moving quickly.

Later, you’ll join Greg, Chris and Roy Bellamy and Tony Calatayud from The Batard Show shipping container on our recent round of golf, as Roy and Tony analyze their questionable prowess in the sport. (Greg is accused of “swinging with his belly” What does that even mean !?).

And we’re finally sharing the details of our Greg Cote Show sticker giveaway – how you can get a GCS sticker for free!

Also in the last episode:

Our show’s obsession with weird jobs continues as we interview a Legoland lifeguard. (A human rescuer in Legoland. Not a rescuer made of Legos).

Greg discusses the Messi mania in Miami and the crowd scene the Barcelona football star created while dining at an Italian restaurant in Miami a few days ago.

Kentucky vs. Truckee.

An unexpected tribute to Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

Getting in trouble for what your wife dreamed of.

Sports and Athletes Greg is eager to watch the start of the COVID Olympics in Tokyo.

Yeti’s wife reveals her surprisingly unflattering first impression of Greg when she met in person recently.

Hear all of this and more fun stuff in our 70th total podcast and the 28th of 2021. (Find the entire catalog HERE). A new episode drops every Monday morning at 7 a.m. on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, Stitcher – all free, wherever and whenever you do your podding, including of course at

The Greg Cote Show is also now airing simultaneously on Sirius XM Radio on Mondays from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Our podcast debuted on March 2, 2020, just before the pandemic hit (coincidence, don’t blame us), and the overwhelming support of our loyal and growing family of listeners nationwide and beyond has wonderful summer, humiliating and a lot appreciated.

Thanks everyone, pod family. Please continue to listen, rate, review, follow, then unsubscribe and follow again and so on. It’s not cheating and it helps a lot. Tell your friends too!

Greg Cote is a Miami Herald sports columnist who, in 2018, was named one of the Top 10 Columnists by the Associated Press Sports Editors. Greg also appears regularly on the Dan LeBatard Show With Stugotz on ESPN Radio and ESPNews.

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