Greenroom Live Podcast: The 3 Most Interesting Scenarios For The Seattle Seahawks And The NFL In 2021

With all the Seattle Seahawks news and changes to the franchise this offseason, what aspects of Team 2021 are you most interested in discovering once Week 1 kicks off? Do some of the new additions to the squad outweigh some of the issues with players wanting new contracts? What moves must work for Seattle to come back to a super bowl this season?

Outside of Seattle, what storylines are you most interested in when it comes to the rest of the NFL? These are the things we will be talking about today and you are welcome to join us for a live chat.

Come join us in Spotify’s Greenroom app today, Sunday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. PT. If you’ve joined us through Locker Room in the past few weeks, you may need to click on your app to update the new look. If you can’t come, share your thoughts in the comments and we can bring them up on the show.

In the first segment of the discussion, we’ll offer you our selections. After sharing our best players, we’ll want to hear from you. Raise your hand inside the app to participate in the chat and offer your point of view.

From your phone, go to and follow my account. You can search for my name, Brandan Schulze, in the app to be alerted when we’re online. Greenroom has both an iOS and Android app!

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