Great Minds Think Data podcast releases new episode with Democratic Party veteran and national security thought leader John Rendon, who shares revelations about Russia, Ukraine and 2024

In a new episode of the “Great Minds Think Data” podcast, Rendon today equates Europeafter Russia invasion of Ukrainewith the continent on the eve of World War II – “We are in 1937 for Europe and… the rest of the world”

Rendon also advises political party leaders to “step aside” and allow younger members of their respective parties to take on leadership roles and national recognition before 2024.

SAN FRANCISCO, September 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In a new “Great minds think about data“podcast episode, hosted by Premise CEO Maury BlackmanBlackman spoke with John Rendon, one of the world’s leading voices in international and military affairs. Rendon began his career in Democratic Party politics with by George McGovern presidential campaign in 1972. He later served as executive director as well as political director of the Democratic National Committee, managing President Carter’s 1980 Democratic National Convention.

A pioneer in the use of strategic communications as an element of national power and one of the first thought leaders to harness the power of emerging technologies in support of real-time information management, Rendon served as an executive consultant in communications to the White House, the U.S. Department of Defense, various members of the national security community, and countless Fortune 500 corporate executives.

In the latest episode of “Great Minds Think Data”, Rendon broke down Russia invasion of Ukraineits impact on the European community and the growing link between Russia and China with Blackman. The pair also discussed the upcoming midterm elections and theoretical matchups for the 2024 presidential election, including how Wyoming Congressman by Liz Cheney entering the race would increase the likelihood of another Trump presidency, as evidenced by a recent On-site survey.

On the international front, Rendon warned of potential nuclear war on the horizon. When asked about Russia invasion of UkraineRendon asserted, “[Russian President Vladimir] Putin is not going to stop. It’s 1937 for Europe and…the rest of the world.” He also declared Putin a “clever narcissist” who would rather “destroy the game” than lose it.

On the home front, Rendon had harsh words for party leaders in Washington too. “[I]It’s time for the bench to thin out and for us to have new people on the bench,” he told Blackman, “Some of the people in the leadership haven’t moved away from the younger members…so [for] enable them to access management positions. It’s a real problem.”

Finally, when it comes to potential dark horses in the upcoming 2024 presidential election, Rendon tells listeners not to overlook moderate Southern governors, recounting his time working with then-Arkansas Governor bill clinton so what-Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter. “Look at the state of North Carolinalook at the state of Kentucky“, he insisted, “I think governors make better candidates than senators because they have to spend all day in a state capitol talking to… people, real people, and , when you are in United States Senate, you spend all day talking to a camera.”

Episodes of “Great Minds Think Data” can be found at Spotify, Apple podcast, embroidererand Art19.

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