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Duo Gente de Zona joined Emilio and Gloria Estefan, Yotuel, Willy Chirino and others in the “Free the Children” campaign to show solidarity with Cuban political prisoners.

More than 20 children aged 14 to 17 – who are currently awaiting trial or have been released on bail or under house arrest – were imprisoned for taking to the streets to demand freedom, among other things, during protests and rallies in Cuba last July.

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“These Cuban children suffered a terrible atrocity,” Randy and Alexander de Gente de Zona explain in a video posted on their Instagram Tuesday (22 February). “They have suffered psychological violence and are subjected to unjust sentences. Cubans were arrested for demanding respect for their fundamental freedom.

Last summer, thousands of Cubans took to the streets in what has become the biggest demonstration in the island’s six decades of communism to protest against power outages and shortages of food and medicine. The rallies were partly sparked by Cuba’s deteriorating economic situation which has been intensified by the pandemic which has cut tourism dollars.

“It is a call to us as artists Cubans. Please join us,” they said, asking fans to sign a petition organized by the non-profit association Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba to “help free Cuban child political prisoners” who are accused by the Cuban government of “sedition, public disorder and contempt,” according to the website.

Other artists who have joined the campaign and asked their millions of social media followers to sign the petition are the Estefans, who earlier in February posted on social media about the situation.

“I speak as a mother who has children living in freedom, not as the 23 minors who are detained in Cuban prisons simply for expressing their desire for food and freedom,” Gloria said in her video. “They inflict their sentences of nearly 18 years, and this is simply unacceptable. How do you explain to a child that he commits no crime other than asking what is due.”

Watch videos Gente de Zona and Gloria Estefan below:

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