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Freevee, Amazon’s free streaming service, formerly known as IMDB TV, has always offered free-to-watch content with ads. But “free” doesn’t mean much without something actually good. Now the service is gearing up to add even more, and there’s a little something for everyone.

In an interview with The Wrap, Freevee’s content programming managers, Lauren Anderson and Ryan Pirozzi, shared many new details about the free service, including the recent name change and upcoming channels. The service already hosts several originals, including software relaunch of Bosch and Leverage.

As for the name change, the pair went on to say:

We really wanted a name that helps communicate what Amazon Freevee is. IMDb TV was a perfectly great name because IMDb is a world famous database for movie and TV information,” Pirozzi said. “But we don’t think it helped people understand who we are. Freevee does not only refer to the price, which is excellent. It’s also about freedom of time slots, freedom of search, availability of certain devices, and freedom for creators to tell stories.

But we also learned of the arrival of three new channels on Freevee. The first is a alf channel, like in the beloved 80s alien puppet. The channel will host every episode of the original series, as well as featured content from the follow-up anime series.

Jamie Oliver, the renowned British celebrity chef, will also join Freevee with his own channel featuring many of his previous shows. And yet another channel will focus on Elvis Prestley, promising to spotlight some of the late musician’s films.

Finally, Fuse Backstage and Fuse Beat will host musical biographies, performances, reality shows, and more.

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