Football broadcasts to pass Euro 2020

Rory Smith’s column is still essential reading in Irish Examiner’s Weekend Sport and we’ll always be looking for him for his various podcast appearances, from Second Captains to Anfield Wrap. He’s also featured on the superlative Set Piece Menu podcast, alongside BT Sport commentator Steve Wyeth, BBC Sport’s Hugh Ferris and Sky Sports specialist Andy Hinchcliffe.

Their repartees are reminiscent of Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish, the BBC 6 Music breakfast show, Adam and Joe – insider jokes and playful inducements abound. They eschew the weekly talk and tackle older ideas like the value of trophies, how teams are made up, the career arc of players and what drives them.

Set Piece Menu has been around for almost five years, but despite over 230 episodes to date, it’s easy to switch to whatever appeals to you. Because these are not the weekend results events, it’s easy to tune in to old shows to find out how the aforementioned insider jokes came about.

Kammy Supporters Club

King of Bantz Chris Kamara hosts a new Desert Island Discs-esque show in which he talks to famous football fans about their favorite songs which they associate with their clubs. Former Kammy’s Goals on Sunday co-host Ben Shephard, a West Ham fan, may be the perfect first guest as he stings and goads the host, who, given the content, doesn’t seem to have a particular interest in music – he does not. I don’t know Britney Spears’ “Toxic” or the Kill Bill theme. So it’s a strange mix, but easy to listen to nonetheless.

Ringtone FC

Watching the rise of Ian Wright over the past several years, both as an expert and darling of public consciousness, has been heartwarming and welcome. Every Wednesday since last October, he has hosted Wrighty’s House as part of the Ringer FC stream. In last week’s Euro preview, which started with unrepentant excitement over the new Marvel series Loki, Wright opened up about what it looked like in the ITV studio, where he sits alongside former alumni. rivals Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira.

“When they sat down, the smile they both had, there’s a little bit when it’s really uncomfortable,” he reveals. “You see them not looking each other in the eye for a while.”

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