FAM Central catches the NFT trend and creates a ‘golden valley’

The fan economy has been around for a long time, but there is a lack of projects or artists who can harness this potential to create a business model, a strong and lasting connection, and maintain a lasting century-old community as the world leader in entertainment. . companies: Marvel, Disney, etc. Fanvestor is the idea that FAM Central came up with to help fans both fulfill their passion for entertainment while having fun and generating income as an investor.

FAM CENTRAL – Where NFT is most widely and practically applied in the physical world

FAM Central is an investment and entertainment ecosystem for Fanvestor (Fan + Investor) based on blockchain technology, combining NFT and DEFI. FAM Central works with partners from the film and entertainment industries with the aim of creating unique experiences for the Fanvestor community with new technologies such as investing in film and entertainment projects, purchasing NFT items exclusive, participating in an open financial ecosystem dedicated to the entertainment industry, obtaining voting rights in projects, having deep interaction with each project and receiving many system incentives that depend on their membership rank.

The biggest difference of FAM Central is the idea of ​​connecting the digital world and the physical world, getting into everyday life and getting to know people to create different experiences for fans.

FAM NFT – The Key to Making the Entertainment Industry More Valuable

Artists / KOL create new influence and value on the NFT platform: FAM Central aims to create and collaborate with artists / KOL to publish NFT collections, interactive games with NFT rewards, NFT gratitude gifts for the fan community, … and their more connected fans.

Film projects leverage NFT for commercials, which makes projects more valuable: FAM Central creates a platform to bring film projects closer to fans, where fans can own and be a part of a film project, get closer to actors, footage, film items or even a red carpet ticket.

NFT holders not only enjoy NFTs as a collectible hobby, but also can buy, sell or transfer them at different times, they can also convert NFTs into vouchers for consumption in the entertainment world.


FAM Central launches NFT projects in the Vietnam market to lay the foundation for the development of NFT applications. Specifically:

Collection NFT Legend FAM: As FAM Central’s first limited edition NFT launch, Legend carries great meanings in itself.

The inspiration for this collection comes from the first F of “FAM”, which is also “Film”. FAM Central will initially focus on developing its strongest advantage – the film industry. With more than 10 years of experience in cinema, Mr. Charlie nguyen has always wondered how to contribute to the development and improvement of Vietnamese cinema, which is why FAM Central was born to achieve this mission. The “FAM NFT Legend” collection will be a milestone marking the start of FAM Central with 5 versions of NFT themed on familiar items on the board. Each version will have a rarity in different proportions with up to 550 NFT. Specifically, FAM will soon unveil a super rare version with only 5 NFTs.

The first Universe film project in Vietnam: FAM is pleased to support the Film Project of from Vietnam principal director – Director Charlie nguyen in the category of NFT Project Strategic Development Partners, to launch a variety of new and unique versions of NFT that fans of Charlie nguyen in particular, and fans and supporters of Vietnamese cinema in general will be surprised.

The project in collaboration with FMCG Brand which has a leading international brand (remained anonymous) with the first campaign launched revealing the applicability of NFT on the FAM Central platform is extremely rich. It’s not just about creating collections with commercial elements, but also marketing activities common in the traditional world.

NFT DROP – A gift from FAM Central for FAN-vestor and the community

At September 16, 2021, FAM Central is pleased to officially announce to the Fanvestor to Create Community the launch of the NFT feature through the NFT Airdrop program with a chance to win 555 NFT in the “NFT Legend” Limited Edition Collection, designed exclusively by the President from FAM Central – Monsieur. Charlie nguyen.

The NFT Airdrop program is an important step for FAM Central to soon open up the world of NFT Square – a place to unleash creativity for the film and entertainment industry and bring unique experiences to the Fanvestor community.

Join FAM Central now to own the first FAM NFTs in https://nftdrop.famcentral.io/

FAM Central is a combined platform between NFT and DEFI for the film and entertainment industries built on the Binance Smart Chain platform, based on the idea of ​​building the Metaverse – a digital universe but connected to the physical world – for movie projects and entertainment artists to help create super unique fan experiences.

Token information

    1. Price: $ 0.42/ FAM
    2. Circulation of tokens: 2,800,000 FAM tokens
    3. FAM Token news sites.
      1. Market Cap of Coins: https://coinmarketcap.com/
      2. CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en
      3. Dextool: https://www.dextools.io/app/
      4. Poocoin: https://poocoin.app/

Registration information

    1. Pancake Exchange: https://pancakeswap.info/token/0x4556A6f454f15C4cD57167a62bdA65A6be325D1F
    2. 5ROI: https://twitter.com/5roiglobal/status/1437989553856339970
    3. Atlas: https://attlas.io/en/blog/attlas-exchange-will-list-fam-central-fam
    4. Nami: https://nami.io/tin-tuc/nami-exchange-chinh-thuc-niem-yet-fam-token-fam/
    5. VNDC: https://blog.vndc.io/ke-hoach-niem-yet-va-mo-ban-launchpad-fam-token-fam/
    6. https://famcentral.finance/swap

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