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It’s officially the itchy part of the Emmy Awards season. We entered the home straight. The Creative Arts Emmy Awards will start going out in a few hours, with the Primetime Emmys in just over a week. We just have to wait.

But that wait can be excruciating, especially for rewards experts keen to see how things play out on Biggest Night on TV and beyond.

So like I said itchy.

That said, IndieWire TV associate editor Ben Travers has been determined to predict the next Emmy Awards, though when it comes to drama series, he’s thrown common sense out the window and has rather launched a campaign for chaos.

If you look at his predictions on the drama series, Travers still has Netflix’s “The Crown” as a pick for what will triumph in the category on September 19, but there are cases to be made for both Disney + “The Crown” tent series. Mandalorian ”as well as“ The Boys ”from Amazon Prime Video.

Plus, if you listen to IndieWire’s “Millions of Screens” TV podcast, you can hear Travers talk at length about the chaos, so convincingly that I, TV Awards Editor-in-Chief Libby Hill, can’t help but be Okay.

This year’s Emmy Awards already seem to fall into two distinct categories: Locks and Chaos. The locks are self-explanatory: “Ted Lasso” from Apple TV + and star Jason Sudeikis; Jean Smart, head of HBO Max “Hacks”; and quite possibly, Disney + ‘s “WandaVision” and “The Crown” in a bunch of categories.

But wouldn’t the ceremonies be so much more exciting if the categories played out as if the winners were chosen like names drawn at random from a hat? Give Don Cheadle this Emmy for his nodding guest performance and you’ll miss it on “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier”. Reward “Conan” in the Variety Talk series. Present Aidy Bryant with an Emmy in Leading Actress for her work on “Shrill.”

Last year had its own group of big winners, with HBO’s drama series “Succession” and limited series “Watchmen” doing quite well in their respective categories, while still having room for representation. ‘other shows, including “The Morning Show” and “Ozark,” “Unorthodox” and “Ms. America.”

Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara in “Schitt’s Creek”

Pop television

Last year’s comedy series categories were all swept away by the Pop TV (RIP) series “Schitt’s Creek” and, to be fair, it wasn’t much fun. The sweep was somewhat of the worst case scenario in a world where it is increasingly impossible to watch most, let alone all, quality television currently produced, leading Emmy voters to vote en masse for the shows they have watched and nothing else.

While it is impossible for “Ted Lasso” to repeat last year’s historic achievement by the Canadian charmer – the series did not have a nominee for lead actress, likely because the series did not submit. no one in the lead actress – it wouldn’t be unthinkable to see “The Crown” achieve such a feat.

But what does it mean when only a handful of shows win Emmys? Are there really only three, maybe four good shows on TV right now? No! Theoretically, television has never been better or more inclusive, and it’s a colossal disappointment that such variety probably isn’t reflected in Emmy winners when all is said and done.

Or maybe it will be. Sometimes these things work just as you expect.

For more on our fruitless fantasies surrounding Emmy races, tune in to this week’s episode of IndieWire’s TV podcast “Millions of Screens” with Associate Editor Ben Travers, Creative Producer Leo Garcia and Editor-in-Chief. of the Libby Hill TV Awards.

Plus, it’s Emmy prediction time! Hear the team make the final choices for who will triumph at this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards, this week focusing on the Drama categories. Plus, Ben catches up with Libby and Leo on the highly anticipated return of FX’s “What We Do in the Shadows” and easily drops them on HBO’s remake of “Scenes From a Marriage,” starring Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac.

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