Emerging pop artist Nika Nikoubin will release an uplifting ‘free’ single

Rising artist Nika Nikoubin is creating a buzz in the world of pop music lovers and her upcoming single “Free” has energetic beats.

gifted star Nika Nikoubin is the newbie in the pop music industry and has already created enough buzz with her debut single ‘Free’. The new track is turning listeners’ heads and buzzing with its fun beats. It’s paired perfectly with well-versed lyrics and is the ultimate party anthem you’ve been looking for. This colorful and upbeat track has the ability to uplift the mood of listeners. ‘Free’ is a cover of the original track of the same name, sung by Natalia Kills in 2011. The artist herself considers herself a shopaholic, and the original song has the lyrics of materialism. So she chose to do a cover for it because it will allow her to connect with fans the same way she does. The song will be released on the 5the September 2022 and she recorded this particular song at the Legacy Music group in Dallas, Texas.

Track ‘Free’ is a breath of fresh air that is both fun and creative. The composition of the music contains fun guitar tunes which are paired with upbeat instruments creating amazing works of art. These catchy, digital beats and fun songwriting make it the perfect symbol of weekend getaway. It carries energy blasts and a funky background score itself which is the result of by Nika Nikoubin artistic caliber. The artist is said to be inspired by pop icon Lady Gaga and modern alternative artist Billie Eilish who reflects on her creation.

Besides that, the debutante showed her ability to give an outstanding vocal performance in a pop song that captured the attention of listeners. The vocal persona is the fusion of an ethereal tone and the right amount of quirkiness that a modern pop song has and needs. With well-written fun and daring lyrics, the artist showed immense talent in his very first song. The upcoming song and the artist’s performance in it have gotten the audience excited for her upcoming releases which she has already planned.

The artist plans to release a new single titled ‘wolf‘ in the near future. You can listen to the track on major music platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, itunes, Iheart Radioetc after 5e September. You can also follow the artist for his latest updates on social media.

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