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Here is Edwin McCain again. Since he still plays around these parts frequently, I shouldn’t have to remind you that Hootie and the Blowfish isn’t the only sweeter ’90s radio champ to come out of Palmetto State.

And he, a very heartwarming baritone and hits like “I’ll Be” and “I could not ask for more”, still plays very well in his home country. The Charleston native’s rescheduled acoustic night with Patrick Davis at the Harbison Theater (September 10) has been sold out for some time, as has been the case with many of his local appearances.

So surely there will be a lot of people happy to hear that McCain is playing another Midlands gig this fall. He will be at the Icehouse Amphitheater on September 24 for the LRADAC Foundation’s final Rock 4 Recovery concert, joined by equally calming singer-songwriter Maia Sharp, whose work has been performed and recorded by McCain among many ‘other.

Rock 4 Recovery is a different gig from many in the area. On the one hand, no alcohol will be sold. It has to do with the purpose of the event. All proceeds will go towards raising awareness of the dangers of drug addiction and helping those whose struggles with it have left them in dire financial straits.

True to this philosophy, LRADAC, which offers a “range of prevention, intervention and treatment programs” in Richland and Lexington counties (according to its website), will seek to create a concert space free of the temptation that usually accompanies such an event.

“COVID-19 has also caused a dramatic increase in substance abuse, so the need for accessible treatment has continued to increase as well,” said Robbie Robertson, LRADAC communications director. “Rock 4 Recovery was created to help remove financial barriers to treatment by supporting LRADAC programs and services and helping people who need help get the help they need.”

Tickets cost $ 25 and are available for purchase at rock4recover21.eventbrite.com.

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