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It was nice to record a podcast while the Atlanta Braves were sweeping the Phillies. Now the higher level work begins.

If everything turns out the way we think it is, then baseball is going to have some very close and really entertaining playoff games, and one of the first will see our Atlanta Braves take on the Milwaukee Brewers.

It could end up being something as “simple” (on the surface) as the defense that decides this NLDS case in the first round.

A quick glance suggests the teams are pretty close to each other: Milwaukee claims 57 defensive points saved and the Braves are 48 (6th and 8th in majors, respectively).

However, 36 of those DRS for the Brewers go through their outfield (2nd in MLB) while the Braves are at -1 (!), Which rank 14th.

While this suggests that the defense on the infield is really good, it also means the outfield is still a bit of a handicap.

Atlanta has lost 2 quality defenders during the year: Ronald Acuna Jr. and Ender Inciarte… without speaking about Cristian Pache, who could at least still join the roster in the playoffs as a defensive substitute… but we also talked about that.

As it happens, Adam duval is still quite capable as a former Gold Glove winner – which is why he roams central court, although he really doesn’t have the reach of a real CF.

His talents would play better on a corner, but the Braves don’t really have that option … and so let him Joc pederson over there, they have a problem with the external defense … and it is in fact Jorge soler and Eddie Rosario more than what happens in CF.

But we still have a week to think about this series, which should begin on Friday, October 8. Until then, here in the podcast are our thoughts on some of the playoff predictions … as well as other issues that should concern MLB even more.

You can see what we are doing in 3 ways:

Whichever broadcast medium you choose, we want to thank you for checking out this edition of the podcast, and we look forward to an even more in-depth review of the series next week.

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