Community fundraising of guides from Tullyallen for the benefit of the shelter for women and children of Drogheda

The Tullyallen Girl Guides group collected materials and toiletries for the Drogheda Women’s and Children’s Shelter in the community of Tullyallen last week.

The girls advertised their collection by designing posters and displaying them in the community and in their schools. It was also posted on their Tullyallen Village Reviews on Facebook, allowing the community to prepare in advance.

Becoming a Christmas tradition, this is their sixth year of community fundraising. To become

The collection encourages girls to communicate with strangers, allowing them to speak up and be heard. They cover all the houses and estates in Tullyallen, taking them around two and a half hours to get through. Meanwhile, Ruth O’Reilly and Susan Coombes are driving around, collecting the girls’ bags, listening to festive music.

By donating to the Drogheda Women’s Refuge, girls learn to support women, “it’s about teaching girls to support other girls and to think of other than themselves, which is very Christmas, ”explained Ruth.

The community of Tullyallen donated items such as selection boxes, boxes of Kings Crisps, makeup kits, boxes of chocolates, among others.

“The people of Tullyalen are just amazing and they are great to support us,” said Ruth.

The Guides had to change course this year in order to comply with COVID restrictions. “We asked the community to leave the bags on their doorsteps. We thought, “oh, we’re not going to have much because people aren’t going to remember it,” but it ended up being awesome. “

The group is made up of 32 girls, all between 10 and 16 years old.

The Drogheda Women’s and Children’s Shelter assists its clients with its many available services, such as accommodation, counseling, while also providing a crèche. With 24-hour service, they have six independent family units that can accommodate mother and children, allowing privacy within the center. There are five additional bedrooms to accommodate single homeless guests, with all accommodation having a small supplement of € 10 per night.

The mandate falls under the sections on homelessness and domestic violence, where women can seek refuge during difficult times in their lives.

Irene, responsible for finance and administration of the shelter for women and children in Drogheda, said: “Christmas is a very difficult time for families, so we try to make it as pleasant as possible here in letting them know that the Christmas spirit continues even if they are not actually in their own homes.

“For the kids, that’s a little bit of hope – people can be so good, and it shows that they’re not being forgotten and that there are supports out there.”

The shelter offers outreach services to its clients, giving them access to the courts and guiding them through the process.

A charitable and voluntary organization, the center does not receive funding for the running costs of their services.

In addition, the association operates a store on Stockwell Street, with all funds going to the center. They provide women with coupons that they can use in the store to select their own preferred clothing options.

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