Choral music group! Choral! Choral! Leading Purdue Homecoming Audiences in Sing-Along Songs at the Slayter Center

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Purdue Convocations presents Toronto-based vocal group Choir! Choral! Choral! conduct three reunion week songs at the Slayter Center for the Performing Arts.

Led by Creative Directors Nobu Adilman and Daveed Goldman, the duo take a non-traditional approach; there are no auditions and the audience is the choir. Each of the themed performances will feature an original arrangement of a song the audience will know and love.

The premiere performance at 7:30 pm Thursday (September 30) will feature the theme “The Beatles Jukebox”. At 6 p.m. Friday (Oct. 1), Choir! Choral! Choral! presents “Don’t Stop Believin ‘in the’ 80s” before the Purdue Homecoming Parade. At 9 pm after the parade, the duo will conduct the theme song “I Want It That 2000s Pop Way”. Each of the three performances at the Slayter Center is free and open to the public

Founded in 2011, Chorale! Choral! Choral! has amassed a community of dedicated and passionate singers and a thriving international fan base on YouTube, with tens of millions of views on some of his videos. The group has performed with renowned artists such as Patti Smith, David Byrne, Rick Astley, Tegan and Sara and Rufus Wainwright, and on stage in New Yorks Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall with artists like Debbie Harry and The Flaming Lips.

“Blurring the line between artist and audience, Choir! Choral! Choral! reminds us of the pleasure and power that comes from pooling our voices, ”said Todd Wetzel, executive director of Purdue Summons. As Purdue alumni and friends take giant leaps home after a long hiatus, these three joyous performances will be a wonderful closing to our fall outdoor series before we announce our return to indoor events on October 7. “

In addition to being featured as part of Purdue Homecoming, Choir! Choral! Choral! Closes the Purdue Welcome Weeks, an initiative of the Vice-President, Student Life to recognize the thousands of events and programs that take place in the first six weeks of the fall 2021 semester. Choir! Choral! Choral! participants are encouraged to share content on social media using the hashtags #PurdueWoW and #PurdueHomecoming.

Choral! Choral! Choral! is presented by Purdue Convocations with support from the Student Concert Committee and the Student Fee Advisory Board. For more details and to confirm your presence at one or all of the three performances, go online.

Launched in 1902, Purdue Convocations was one of the first professional performing arts presenters in the United States. Each year, Convocations offers the region 30 to 40 performances of a wide variety of genres: Broadway-style shows, theater, dance, children’s theater, world music, jazz and chamber music, as well as rock, pop, country and comical. With a vision to connect artists and audiences in artistic dialogue and to draw in academic discourse, Purdue Convocations aims to promote frequent exposure and familiarity with human cultural expression in a multitude of forms and media.

Source: James Britton, Marketing Director of Purdue Convocations, (765) 494-5045, [email protected]

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