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Halo: MCC is the best collection ever

Of all the game collections, none can compete with Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Even now, none have gone beyond this celebration of Halo. As video game support grows and improves, franchises surrounding one or a few characters have become commonplace. From Nathan Drake to Crash Bandicoot, these franchises have …

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Audio logs of healthcare workers during COVID-19

The Library of Congress acquired audio diaries featuring more than 200 frontline healthcare workers in the fight against COVID-19, a collection that provides first-hand testimonials from hospitals and communities across the country then as the public health crisis unfolded. The audio library was donated by The Nocturnists, an independent San …

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New fashion favorites: tennis and golf

Manors is a new, golf-inspired brand that identified a gap in the cool golf apparel market for Generation Z. “The biggest brands were trying to look at market trends and technical performance,” says the co- founder Jojo Regan. “They were professional white guys swinging golf clubs hard and fast and …

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