Brighton and Hove News » Anti-vax podcasts land taxi driver with warning and ‘correction’ training

A taxi driver has been sent to remedial training after playing anti-vax podcasts to a passenger.

The Brighton and Hove taxi driver received a warning and had to take the course after he was caught using a ‘mobile device’ to read the podcast last month.

The driver was one of 12 listed in a Brighton and Hove City Council report to have been given a warning or had his license revoked.

The report, addressed to the council’s licensing committee, says a taxi driver’s license was revoked last month after the driver was arrested.

Police arrested the driver on suspicion of involvement in the supply of Class A drugs and tampering with in-cab security cameras.

Another driver’s license was suspended for overcharging after a complaint about the driver’s conduct towards passengers in April.

A licensed ‘private hire’ driver in Chichester received a warning for waiting for passengers at a Brighton and Hove taxi rank in March.

The ranks are intended to be reserved for the exclusive use of ‘hackney’ taxis licensed by Brighton and Hove City Council.

A local private driver was also warned for a rule breach in April.

Green Councilor Steve Davis asked how licensing officials deal with infractions.

Licensing officer Alex Evans said the council could warn or prosecute out-of-town drivers who break the rules.

He told the meeting at Hove Town Hall yesterday (Thursday June 23): ‘With our own drivers we have our enforcement policy so we can issue warnings.

“If a driver is caught twice and has been given a warning, and it’s within a reasonable amount of time, we will escalate that, depending on whether under enforcement policy we can consider lawsuits.”

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