Bret Easton Ellis & Irvine Welsh Team on ‘The Reckonings’ Podcast – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Two major figures in the literary world – Bret Easton Ellis and Irvine Welsh – are teaming up to create a scripted podcast.

Easton Ellis, author of American Psycho, and Trainspotting the Welsh author has struck a deal with podcast studio Audio Up to produce Accounts.

In 2020, it emerged that the pair were working on a TV series together – American tabloid – with British production company Burning Wheel Productions.

The podcast line is being kept secret, but don’t bet against drug use and violence.

Easton Ellis is also the author of books such as Less Than Zero, Rules of Attraction, Lunar Park and Imperial Bedrooms as well as the upcoming book Splinters. He wrote and produced a feature film directed by Paul Schrader in 2013 The canyons with Lindsay Lohan and hosts her own interview podcast series.

Irvine Welsh is best known for Trainspottingwhich was adapted into a film starring Ewan McGregor, as well as Dirt, Glue, Porn, Crime and recently published The long knives

Easton Ellis and Welsh will co-create the series and serve as executive producers on the project. Audio Up’s David Thwaites and Jimmy Jellinek will executive produce the series alongside Trevor Engelson at Underground.

This is the latest high-profile podcast project for Audio Up, which is behind series such as Stephen King’s James Ellroy’s Strawberry Spring and Hollywood Death Trip

“Audio Up is building a library of premium content in the podcast space based on bold, cutting-edge work,” said Audio Up Chief Creative Officer Jimmy Jellinek. “Bret Easton Ellis and Irvine Welsh have collectively created generation-defining work from American psycho at Trainspotting. These are stories that go through your skin and sink deep into your psyche. I can’t wait for the world to hear what we produce together.

Easton Ellis is replaced by manager Brian Young and Jonathan Shikora at Lichter, Grossman, Adler & Clark.

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