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544 days
Jason Rezaian is an intensely engaging and dynamic host; so much so that it’s often easy to forget you’re listening to a podcast about how he ended up in an Iranian prison for a year and a half. As a reporter for the Washington Post, Rezaian was stunned to find himself accused of espionage over his plan to bring lawyers (yes, really) into the country. Rezaian, his wife Yegi, and others skillfully unwrap this terrifying story.
Hannah j davies

Storytime with Seth Rogen (from October 6)

Moving and memorable … Seth Rogen hosts the Storytime podcast. Photograph: Randy Holmes / ABC / Getty Images

The Hollywood star’s new capsule is a delight, with guests sharing a single moving, revealing, or generally memorable story. First, the comic book Quinta Brunson, which remembers how a chance meeting with Paul Rudd helped her reunite – and give up on her date. Marvellous. HJD

It’s gay
Kirk Flash’s innovative new mod is billed as “Cunk on Britain meets Blue Jam, but gay” and it covers sex, dating and politics, plus various other topics that no corporate Pride collaboration would dare mention. . Syrus Lowe and Asha Reid are on hand to voice characters such as a cruising forest goblin and a homophobic smart speaker. Hannah verdier

Bad people
Sofie Hagen and Dr Julia Shaw return with a new season of the true crime capsule and their first subject is Peter Sutcliffe. The emphasis is on the sexism that emerged from the case: as Shaw points out, five million hours of police work involved assumptions about the ‘cowardly manners’ of the victims and the gruesome judgment Sutcliffe made. a mistake in killing a “respectable” teenager. HT

My favorite takeaway
A simple idea for a podcast but one that is surely close to our hearts: Every week, Tom Craine and Cimran Shah visit a celebrity and enjoy a few servings of their favorite takeout. Peruvian street food with James Acaster? Antiguan delicacies with Andi Oliver? Bring it on. Phil harrison

Producer’s Choice: The Cut

Watching ... Daisy Edgar Jones in Normal People.
Watching … Daisy Edgar Jones in Normal People. Photograph: BBC / Element / Enda Bowe / PA

Chosen by Danielle Stephens

A few weeks ago, I forced myself to go for a run on a day when I couldn’t be bothered. Normally, I catch up on the latest daily podcast offering, or hook up with a particularly meaty story series about an issue I want to learn more about. That day, I just wanted to be entertained. My friend suggested the latest episode of The Cut, titled Smutty TV Has Changed, and So Have We. It turned out to be a fun and intriguing listen to an idea I hadn’t considered before.

BA Parker begins the series by telling her mom about her mum’s enjoyment of the steamy scenes on her favorite TV shows, which gave me my first laugh as I ran. There followed a series of interesting conversations with reporters and show creators (including the creator of the recent Netflix hit Sex / Life), who talked about a new kind of series – a series that wants to explore and promote female pleasure, rather than focusing the male gaze.

I had to stop running to laugh at the conversation about why Sally Rooney’s Normal People is so popular, however.

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