Autocar Great Women Podcast: Lisa Bolin, Climate Manager at Polestar

Tune in to our new Autocar podcast series, where we discuss this issue with Lisa Bolin, Climate Manager at Polestar as the company seeks to lead the debate on climate change and emissions for life.

Although it only arrived in the UK last year, the electric vehicle maker has already proven to be a disruptor on the global automotive scene by releasing detailed reports that show the full life cycle emissions of his cars. Famous, he demonstrated how far an electric Polestar 2 would have to go before being climate neutral, as opposed to an ICE car.

Bolin is at the heart of this process, helping the company in its goal of delivering a carbon neutral car by 2030 and becoming a global carbon neutral company by 2040.

About the podcast

Welcome to the Autocar Podcast, a new series designed to build on the revolutionary Great Women initiative that Autocar has led for six years, promoting the brightest and best talent in the automotive industry.

We’ll chat with the world’s most influential voices, get to know the people behind the headlines, and how their experiences have shaped our industry today. We hope you find them interesting regardless of your perspective: whether you are an Autocar reader, a 30-year industry veteran, or someone just starting out in their career. Covering many fascinating topics, we’ll be talking to all kinds of people inside and outside the industry.

How to listen

This is the easy part. You can download or stream the episode now on your digital listening device of choice, as each podcast will be available here.

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