Asian Insider podcast: The legacy of ‘quad-dad’ Shinzo Abe in Japan, India and a free and open Indo-Pacific

When news of the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on July 8 broke into a world of disbelief, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi may have been the first leader to declare national mourning with the Indian flag in bern all over the country – then blogged about his “dear friend”.

The Japan-India relationship is a long one, and it suits both to see the other rise because, among other commonalities, neither sees the other as a threat. And under the leadership of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, Japan should continue on the same path.

Highlights (click/tap above):

2:15 Why Japan will pursue a tougher foreign policy following Abe’s legacy

4:55 Public opinion on the revision of the pacifist constitution of Japan drafted by the United States and effective in 1947

7:50 Abe, popularly known as “Quad-father”: How important is his legacy for a free and open Indo-Pacific?

11:25 Why Japan could become more of a consensus leader if the sustained American presence in Asia does not materialize in the coming years

Produced by: Nirmal Ghosh ([email protected]), Ernest Luis, Teo Tong Kai and Eden Soh

Edited by: Eden Soh

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