ARTIST WELCOME WITH LIVE MUSIC, Free and Open to the Public!

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At the Art Center Highland Park, vernissages are community events!

On July 23, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., everyone is invited to meet the artists selected for the current exhibition, INTERCONNECTIVITY, tour the galleries, listen to live music, have a drink and discuss artistic topics.

In this exhibition, TAC exhibits works that explore the connections that make up our lives, our relationship to each other, to nature, to community, to the universe and above all to ourselves.

Guest jurors / featured artists, Juliann Wang and Julie Rotblatt Amrany are both established Chicago artists, whose work encompasses the theme of interconnectivity in different but complementary ways.
Juliann Wang is a Chicago-based artist, performer, designer and cultural activator. She writes: “As a bicultural Chinese-American artist, my work reflects how culture, time and place influence individuals and society as they grow and change. The works evolve according to observations on identity, the search for connection, the feeling of belonging, fragility, impermanence, and even isolation. Through an interdisciplinary method that uses different approaches and materials specific to each project, my creation embraces moments of fleeting beauty and connectedness of life. “Her early influence of Eastern thought plays an important role in her practice, considering humans as part of the natural world linked to the irrefutable mystery of life and existence, thus creating a sense of connection to a greater whole.

Julie Rotblatt Amrany grew up in HIghland Park and returned in 1989 where she worked and collaborated with her husband / artist, Omri Amrany. The couple founded the Fine Art Studio in Rotblatt-Amrany and were famous for the bronze statue of basketball player Michael Jordan at the United Center in Chicago. After battling breast cancer, Rotblatt Amrany’s work deepened his interest in consciousness and its integration with matter, on the transformation of matter and energy, and on the evolution of human intelligence. In her statement, she writes: “I intend to describe the dichotomy between the subatomic universe and the cosmic universe. On a larger scale, there is an interconnection of all living and non-living things around us. There is no real degree of separation. In the center of one of the hexagons is a fiber optic neon sign to represent life, the pulsation of breath.

As guest jurors, Juliann and Julie selected 22 artists, mostly from Illinois and the Midwest. Works range from digital media to drawings on paper, from collage to sculpture, exploring how our relationships are interconnected.

More Info: On Sunday August 1st from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. we will have an artist talk with Juliann Wang as she discusses the importance of being a Chinese-American artist in today’s world.

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The Art Center, a non-profit organization, is the center of artistic discovery and creative exploration of the North Shore. Through innovative programs, exhibitions and classes designed for all levels and ages, The Art Center provides a welcoming space for our diverse communities to discover and participate in the arts. For more information, contact James Lynch, Managing Director, or Caren Helene Rudman, Curator, at or call 847-432-1888.
The Highland Park Art Center, 1957 Sheridan Road, Highland Park, IL 60035. 847-432-1888,

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