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From the Loch Ness monster to the Big Foot, our imaginations always run wild on the unseen creatures that might lurk in the unknown.

The megalodon is one of those monstrous entities that people believe are still swimming, but the big difference is that this giant prehistoric shark was real – millions of years ago.

Scientists say this massive predator was likely the size of a house and preyed on sea creatures as large as whales. A recent TikTok video showing what people thought was a megalodon went viral with over 67 million views.

But, no matter what people believe, there’s no way there are megalodons in the ocean, and the creature in the video was just a basking shark. For the return of “Shark Tales,” our podcast series that explores the world of sharks in New England, we asked a group of shark experts what they knew about “The Meg,” as we heard. was calling in the 2018 sci-fi action movie of the same name, and why they certainly died and gone. You will learn what helped spread the myth and why we may have more “sightings” coming this summer.

Do you like what you hear? Follow the first two seasons of “Shark Tales” with interviews from local and international experts on sharks on everything from jumping sharks to the way they poop. Click here to listen, or download episodes from anywhere to listen to your podcasts.

Bryan Legare of the Center for Coastal Studies shows amazing visualizations of their research on the movement of sharks near Cape Cod.

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