Apple Music raises subscription prices for students in other countries: is it still the same in the US?

Students get a lower price to subscribe on different platforms, as long as they have proof of enrollment and stay at the university to support it. Apple Music is a platform that offers a student discount to the general public, but it recently increased its prices for its subscription plans which it did not advertise to its users.

Apple Music raises subscription prices on student plans

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A customer in South Africa received an email from Apple regarding its Music subscription platform that a change is coming to its subscription prices. The email states that Apple is observing this change for all. It will apply by June 20 to all subscribers in the region, focusing on its many subscription features available in various countries.

The current price it has on South Africa is $1.49, but soon it will change to $1.99 in US dollars for everyone under the student plan in the country. This is only a minimal change of $0.50, but there will still be a price increase that students will feel when they pay for their monthly subscription.

There are no announcement from Apple regarding this change and only the e-mail to its subscribers.

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Apple Music student subscriptions in the United States: no increase?

US Apple Music Student Plan has different price than other countries because it is more expensive compared to them. It’s $4.99 per month in the US, instead of the usual $9.99 for standard or regular subscribers who don’t have proof they’re a student.

No announcements and no silent emails came from Apple for US subscribers regarding a price hike on their platform.

Apple Music and its offers for the world

Apple Music is a subscription platform that brings everything music related to its subscribers, primarily focusing on iOS users with the native app built-in and available on their devices upon purchase. The Cupertino company’s music streaming platform is focused on bringing plenty of features for everyone, especially with its recent addition Spatial Audio.

Like other music streaming platforms, its premium features and access offers free trials to experience the app and the many attributes that make it a contender over other rivals. However, there has been a change in Apple Music’s offerings lately as its three-month trial that will help its subscription has been reduced to just one month.

Subscribers always use Apple Music for its accessibility and comprehensive library which helps in bringing the latest and favorite songs to its users. The price hike for Apple Music’s student plans is only minimal, but it will surely change a lot in the platform as it’s something it hasn’t announced for its subscribers in the current setup. .

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