Apple Introduces New Developer Tools and Technologies to Build Even Better Apps

Apple is introducing updated guidelines that include support for the emerging category of apps that deliver creator content experiences. The Developer Code of Conduct expands to help keep the App Store a fair marketplace for developers and users, including updated guidelines regarding developer identity requirements, ratings, and handling of reviews, and excessive customer complaints. There are also new opportunities for developers to appeal an app rejection on the grounds of bias, as well as the ability to flag an app if there is reason to believe an app has a trust issue. or security, or is in violation of the application. In-store review guidelines.


Apple’s powerful and intuitive programming language Swift now offers built-in support from the competition. This means that developers can more easily write code that works in parallel, which is essential for building applications that respond to user input, while doing more background work. With concurrency in Swift, developers can write fast, modern, and secure code with fewer errors and take full advantage of the powerful multi-core silicon on Apple devices.

SwiftUI has reinvented UI development by making it easy to develop great apps with as little code as possible. Now SwiftUI is taking a big step forward, helping developers deliver more great experiences to all of their users. This includes improvements to improve list views, search experiences, in-app accessibility features, multi-column tables, and more.

Swift Playgrounds is a great way to learn to code right on a Mac or iPad. With Swift Playgrounds 4, which will arrive later this year, users will be able to create the visual design of an app with SwiftUI. App projects can be opened and edited in Swift Playgrounds or in Xcode, and when ready, users can create a real app and submit it directly to the App Store right from their iPad.

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