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Republic Services union members form at the entrance to the Republic Services Chula Vista site as a truck waits to cross on January 15, 2022. / Photo by Joe Orellana for Voice of San Diego

San Diego can breathe easier.

Because there is less waste floating in our face.

The city of Chula Vista and parts of the city of San Diego have been plagued by a lack of sanitation services, fueled by a labor dispute between Teamsters Local 542 workers and their employer, Republic Services.

As you’ve probably noticed, trash is piling up everywhere. Now, after a month of Teamster workers holding out and negotiating for better pay and a better job, a deal is on the way.

But as Voice of San Diego editor Jesse Marx explained in this week’s podcast, the deal fell short of what workers had asked for. In the end, they had to bow to their employer before they got everything they were looking for.

Marx joined VOSD podcast hosts Scott Lewis, Andrew Keatts and Andrea Lopez-Villafaña to explain how the negotiations unfolded and how it fits into a larger trend within American labor in the age of the pandemic.

Popo Politics

San Diego County’s top cop, Sheriff Bill Gore, announced this week that he will retire early.

Now the County Board of Supervisors must appoint an interim as three candidates battle for the job in this year’s election. And there are a ton of questions about what this news means.

According to Lewis, Keatts and Lopez-Villafaña, there has been a shrewd but unchecked practice in the county of bigwig elected officials stepping down early and naming their preferred successor. Then this successor comes in as a starter at a quick win.

But not this time Says Supervisory Board Chairman Nathan Fletcher.

On the mod, we talk about the current situation and how this news could shake up what will likely be the biggest local election race of 2022.

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