A podcast that discusses how to be an adult

The Adulting Decrypted Podcast is the perfect podcast for young adults and children who want to learn all the life skills needed to become an adult. Ashton Allen and Gideon Allen came to talk about their one-of-a-kind podcast journey.

The Adulting Decrypted team is made up of a Dad and his three sons: Roscoe, Ashton, Gene and Gideon and in family, they always tried to have at least one meal together a day, usually dinner.

Well, one night in particular around the start of the COVID pandemic, their conversation started with Roscoe mentioning that he had recently read a news article stating that an Ivy League college offered “adult” classes. . These courses were offered in the hope that they might be able to educate students who had difficulty with routine “adult” tasks.

It didn’t make sense to the Allen family that someone had to enroll in an Ivy League school to learn things that almost everyone faces on a daily basis. To them, it seemed like things like shopping, laundry, sanity, communication, taxes, loans and more should be basic knowledge before tackling the significant challenges of modern life. Eventually, the idea was floated that there should be a freely accessible podcast that would help people better understand those things they thought they knew pretty well.

Since COVID-19 had caused unemployment and school schedule changes for everyone, they believed there could be no better thing than taking on this challenge. Less than a month later, after several planning meetings and countless hours of research, they had recorded and uploaded their first episode. Now, over a year later, and with almost 4,000 downloads (total plays), they are going strong and more excited than ever to try to help their peers with life’s challenges.

They downloaded a total of 54 episodes, separated into 3 seasons totaling 18 episodes per season.

Their 4th season kicks off on July 7th with an amazing episode with amazing guests they are very excited about!

As for the topics, they range from emotional and motivational, all the way down to the practical side of the effort to crack as much adult code as possible.

A shortlist of some of their favorites: Self Compassion with a Therapist, The Realist Positive Power with an Educator and Cancer Survivor, Overcoming Social Media, and Cell Phone Addiction with an expert in the field.

Their goal is to reach 16-26 year olds and their parents. They believe they are the ones who need these messages the most. They believe they have a unique perspective given that we cover this entire line and more! Who could be more qualified to seek the answers for this age group!

Their most popular episode is “How to Talk to People”, with a total of over 300 downloads.

They pride themselves on not shying away from difficult topics, they talked about suicide prevention, confrontation and dealing with the loss of loved ones. These conversations take place throughout life, so it makes sense for them to be real to people.

They love to have special guests, they don’t know everything and they’ve learned more than they expected and now their whole perspective has morphed into finding the best possible ways to share new information with them. people, and more often than not it takes a professional to share their wealth of knowledge with them.

If you want to see more decrypted adult podcasts, find them online, at FB, IG, and YouTube.

You can find them on any of your favorite streaming platforms using our name: Adulting Decrypted.

If you or someone you know would like to become a guest contact via email

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