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Doing a podcast isn’t as daunting as it used to be. With easy-to-use editing tools like Anchor and 120 million podcast listeners In the United States alone, there’s never been a better time for passionate creators of all ages to start a podcast.

RAdm Kirkham and Chloe VardySpotify Original podcast hosts TMI with Cam and Chloe, are the experts when it comes to creating a podcast that captivates younger audiences. On their show, the couple chimes in on conversations and questions Gen Zers have but are too shy to ask their friends. So on May 26 at The podcast show in London, the duo joined Spotify Executive Producer Rhyanna Coleman and Head of Spotify Creator Partnerships Jonny Mounsor for a conversation about their experience building a successful podcast and podcasting trends that resonate with younger audiences.

Following this speech, For registration had the chance to pick the brains of four podcast experts on how Gen Z creators can create a successful podcast. Below are their top 10 tips to help your show stand out from the crowd.

Be your authentic self.

Many people might be able to host a show or format, but your unique selling point is that you are unique. Being honest and showcasing your true self will help your audience connect with you.

Don’t be afraid to deviate from the norm.

Just because someone’s format, style, or length suits them doesn’t mean they suit you. Experiment with new and different ways of doing things to find what works best for you. Not every podcast has to be an hour long!

Consider adding a video to your podcast using Anchor.

People are consuming podcasts in different ways now, and younger audiences have gotten used to watching podcasts, so why not cater to that audience? Allow people to connect with your show the way they love to listen.

Use your existing channels to build your podcast brand.

Podcasting is more than just an audio file. You should build other great ways around the podcast to get your audience involved. It could be Instagram, Reddit, bonus content – ​​whatever it is for you, be sure to think of all the branding.

Look for market gaps.

With millions of podcasts now available on Spotify, it’s really important to stand out and have a niche in order to increase your discoverability.

Be consistent with releases (whether always-on or seasonal).

Building listening habits is so critical in podcasting. You want your audience to know what days your episodes are released and expect that content to be available!

Be sure to prepare and do your research before checking in.

Preparing topics, researching for guest interviews, and planning features and special segments in advance will have positive results on your production.

Focus on the best quality audio and recording equipment available to you.

You don’t necessarily need to have the most expensive equipment to get good audio quality. Your audio may not sound studio-like from the start, but take the time to learn how to make it as good as possible. Poor audio quality is one of the main reasons people choose not to listen to a podcast.

Define your ideal listener.

Remember that the most important part of your podcast is your audience. It’s really important to know exactly who you’re talking to when recording, as this will help you tailor the content to make sure it’s exactly what they want.

Be proactive in promoting your podcast.

No one will talk about your podcast unless you do! With word of mouth accounting for 25% of all discoverability in podcasting, you want to shout about your podcast at every opportunity. There are more tools than ever to help you promote your shows, so don’t ignore any of them.

Now that you have some tips, you’re ready to get started. Head to Anchor to access all the tools you need to create, distribute and monetize your podcast. And in the meantime, listen to more from Cam and Chloe in the latest episode of their podcast below.

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