10 Podcasts Marvel Fans Need To Listen To

Podcasts are incredibly popular right now as a way to consume content on the go. Given that Marvel is one of the biggest entertainment brands in the world, it’s no surprise that there are thousands of podcasts, both official and fan-run, out there for audiences to enjoy.

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These podcasts are worth checking out for fans of the idea house, ranging from fanmade to officially company produced. These Marvel-focused podcasts cover everything from comic books to audio dramas using Marvel characters to the MCU itself.


The Weekly Planet

Image of Weekly Planet hosts with logo

The Weekly Planet The podcast hosted by Mr. Sunday Movies and Nick Mason not only covers Marvel content, but tackles pop culture from comic books to video games, movies and TV shows. However, there’s rarely an episode where the hilarious podcast doesn’t feature Marvel to some degree.

Despite their laid-back style, the two are incredibly knowledgeable about all things Marvel. Their theories and insights surrounding the MCU are always entertaining, and there are special episodes dedicated to examining some of comics’ most iconic stories!

Marvel Draw List

Marvel Pull List Podcast Logo

Marvel’s Pull List is an official company podcast hosted by Ryan “Agent M” Penagos and Tucker Markus. The duo have great chemistry as they work their way through some of the week’s big releases and what they can’t wait to read more.

For fans who have downloaded the Marvel Unlimited app, there is also a period of the podcast dedicated to reviewing the updated releases on this platform. Marvel’s to-go list sometimes also includes a special guest, as the team focuses on a current story or character and the perfect comics to check out based on that.

This Week in Marvel

Ryan's picture

This Week in Marvel is another official podcast, hosted by Ryan “Agent M” Penagos, Lorraine Cink and James Monroe Iglehart. It covers the latest news from the House of Ideas, whether it’s the latest movie release, a video game, or a major comic book arc that’s about to begin.

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He’s great at interacting with his community and offers some really engaging interviews with those behind some of the fan-favorite stories. The presenters are very knowledgeable about the company they represent and this is a super fun podcast that keeps the audience up to date with everything that’s going on.

Marvel’s Wasteland

Marvel's Wastelanders Podcast

Marvel’s Wasteland is not a conventional podcast. It’s almost like an audio story, but it’s been produced in an ongoing podcast format, telling the story of the far future with a number of “old” characters fans may know from the comics.

Star-Lord, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Wolverine are some of the most important characters in this series, and this official Marvel podcast has recruited some of the best writing and voice acting talent in the industry. There are several Wastelander series demonstrating the depth of the concept.

serious problems

Serious Issues podcast logo image

serious problems are another Australian podcast hosted by Andrew Levins and Siobhan Coombs. This great partnership is built on the back of a true friendship, which sees the duo talk about all kinds of comics, from Marvel, DC and beyond.

Marvel will always have a featured section in the podcast, and there’s a wide array of comics throughout the weeks that are rounded up and summarized for the public. These hosts always give the best recommendations and this is once again a great podcast for those with Marvel Unlimited.

Wolverine: The Long Night

Wolverine the long night logo

Another more narrative Marvel podcast is Wolverine: The Long Night, a saga based on the adventures of Logan. It’s once again beautifully written, with a fantastic cast of voice actors giving real depth and emotion to these iconic characters.

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This podcast is much more limited with a set number of episodes, but that doesn’t mean it won’t return given its popularity. For those who want to enter the Marvel Universe in a unique way, this gritty story is a great alternate experience.

MCU Rewind

Split image of MCU Rewind and Avengers Endgame logo

MCU Rewind by Al Rodriguez and Tony Camarena is a great podcast for fans of movies and TV shows set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The piece’s format sees the two hosts walk through each project, breaking them down in detail.

It’s a true celebration of this expansive universe and includes every release from Netflix shows to what’s recently been seen on Disney+. There’s so much content to fit in here, from battles to casting and costume design, and the takes are always intricate and generally hilarious.

wonder women

Women of Marvel podcast logo image

Marvel Women Marvel’s podcast itself is a celebration of all the heroines and women behind producing these inspiring stories. Hosted by Ellie Pyle, Angélique Roché and Judy Stephens, each episode also features an incredible interview.

It’s a unique and important angle to navigate from and one that has been praised by fans for its detail and true focus on the talent of these fantastic women. As the MCU progresses, it will lead to more episodes based on women on screen and not just on the page.

Marvel at the wonders of Marvel

The podcast Marvel at Marvel’s Marvelits a great premise as it is driven by a mega fan in Jonathan and a non-comic reader in Josef. Their dynamic means there is a conflict between the two, but when something is really good, it is presented objectively.

Each week, the duo go through various characters, scenarios or events, analyzing them and looking to judge them successful or not. It’s a fascinating exploration of Marvel history and could take fans in any direction, reminding them of previous classics. while also nodding to the MCU and broader legacy Marvel films.

fat man beyond

Director Kevin Smith and writer Marc Bernardin team up to Fat man beyond, a podcast where the duo delves into all sorts of pop culture releases, from the world of comics to much beyond. However, the filmmaker has a unique perspective on Marvel movies thanks to his place in the industry.

Smith has a strong connection to Marvel and offers some interesting points to ponder in his analysis of all the recent releases. While Marvel fans will be happy, this isn’t quite a Marvel podcast, though there are plenty of cross interests that will be featured here as well.

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